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Job Posting

Posting a Job: DiggerNet

Take advantage of our free, user-friendly, on-line recruiting tool, DiggerNet. This system is proactive, gives the recruiter full control of the application/interview process. As soon as your job is posted and approved, it will send an email out to all of the qualified, actively seeking students and recent graduates. Feel free to link and register.

Recruiting Events

Career Day/Job Events

Maximize your hiring potential… from large on-campus career fairs where you can interact with thousands of students, grads and alums, to virtual job fairs and small interviewing events, Mines has the campus event to fit every company’s needs.

Info Sessions/Interviews

Interviews/Info Sessions

Arrange for free on-campus interviews, and /or interviews arranged through Skype, phone, and video conferencing. Information sessions provide a convenient way of presenting information to students, grads, and alumni. Many companies use these meetings to kick off their on-campus interviews.

Info for your company

Branding Your Company

Smart employers know that to obtain the best, you have to promote a solid presence on campuses, while maintaining the ability to acquire the best talent for their current and/or future recruiting needs. Ensure that your company is taking advantage of no cost and/or low cost branding activities, recruiting events, site visits, special functions, project sponsorship, and more.

Salary and Outcome Statistics

Salary/Outcome Statistics

Annually, the Career Center at Colorado School of Mines collects data and analyzes the outcomes and recruiting activities on campus during the prior academic year. The summaries of graduate outcomes and salaries, internship salaries, and recruiting activities can be found at this link.

Internship Programs

Internship Programs

Internships, co-ops, and job shadowing programs provides your company with a future experienced pool of candidates, gives you a summer staff that is full of fresh ideas and excitement, and students who are familiar with your organizations' products, services and culture.

* Attendance at Career Day is open to Colorado School of Mines students, graduates, alumni, faculty and staff only.

** Colorado School of Mines Career Center staff is committed to embracing the inclusion and diversity of our campus community, thereby creating equal opportunity for everyone. We feel that acknowledging, respecting, and promoting each student and graduate, with his or her distinctive combination of age, sex, gender (including gender identity and gender expression), race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or military service, and socio-economic background, brings a creative, innovative, and valued new workforce to our family of employers.